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Still Alive!

Apr 6, 2011 • 5 comments.

Wow, I haven’t updated in such a long time… Unfortunately, this isn’t actually an update, because I don’t have anything for you guys. But this is a promise that I will eventually update! School’s been kind of rough right now, and my inspiration has kind of gone down the drains. But I will be back! Hopefully soon. :) So look forward to new updates!


Kidori • Jun 4, 2011

Well I guess it really did work… I suppose my computer AND my phone are just useless. >_>

Anyway, this is probably the fifth time I’ve typed up this comment but I remember it by heart so here it is:

“Well, at least you update and let us know of your existence—unlike moi. Looking forward to seeing more of your masterpieces! :D”

Erica • Jun 8, 2011

Woot! Hey ya, Mei! XD I’m glad you haven’t faded off the face of the internet yet!

Can’t wait for your next update—school’s been a killer, huh? It was for me too :D

Erica • Jun 8, 2011

Sorry for spamming! I didn’t know the button worked >,

Lori • Jun 26, 2011

I love this website so much, I hope you come back soon! Make sure you drop a line when you do :D I can’t wait to see your updates~

Vicky • Jul 4, 2011

Is there something amiss about this comment form? :3 Everyone seems to be submitting ten times over.

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